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All prices in this webpage do not include the cost for artwork and delivery; for preparing the artwork, HK$150 or up per page; delivery cost: HK$75 or up for Kowloon / New Territories, HK$130 or up for Hong Kong Island; please note we won't deliver to remote area in Hong Kong. All prices listed in the website are for reference only, please contact us for the most updated prices.

Method of Payment:



Post Printing Jobs
Item Details
Partial UV .Minimum charge: HK$350
.The area for UV must be clearly outlined and filled in black

General Charge:

.The area for hotstamping must be clearly outlined
.For other color hotstamping, and specified size, please contact us for details

General Charge:

.The area for hotstamping must be clearly outlined

General Charge:

Minimum Charge: HK$160
Varnishing General Charge:

Minimum Charge: HK$150
Creasing Minimum Charge: HK$100
Hole Punching Minimum Charge: HK$70
Round Corner Minimum Charge: HK$70
Imprint Serial Number

Minimum Charge: HK$150

Folding Minimum Charge: HK$50, see table below :

- Folding prices are limited to 200gsm artpaper or 160gsm woodfree
Add Texture

General Charge:

Prices are good for text paper / woodfree paper / artpaper which is 100gsm or above, glossy or matt laminated; prices include texture plate. Samples of texture:

You may custom design your own texture, in this case, need to add HK$800 or up for making the texture plate
  All above prices do not include the transportation cost for shipping any product which is not printed by us to our factory in Shenzhen, China